Litter Picking in Wiltshire


An overwhelming number of people, about half a million, joined the community cleaning project, Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean, this month. This road side litter picking is held by Bedwyn Footpaths Group in March to support the national campaign to make the land litter-free.

Judy Haynes, a member of the group, said that local foothpaths group always collected litter when they do their regular walks, but they had noticed that, especially in winter, local minor country lanes were still polluted with garbage.

Bedwyn and Wilton Brails, along with ten members, have completed the first picking last March 16, Saturday while Marlborough Town Council held theirs successfully last Friday, March 22nd. Equipment was provided at Wiltshire Highways. Twenty five trash bins of garbage, mostly consisting of cans and bottles, were collected along the borders of 4.5 miles of minor roads. These cans and bottles were most likely thrown from the vehicles that passed the roads.

Town Clerk Shellery Parker said that local residents, Rick Stein representatives, local police, Marlborough in Bloom, the newly formed Youth Council, and the Town Council had all showed up for the project. Other participants were Martin Ditchburn, Anna Ditchburn, Tesher Fitzpatrick, Judy Haynes, Dave Haynes, Steve Smith, Jennie Collins, Richard Charles, Kevin McGowan, and Margaret Taylor.

The volunteers are really serious about getting the roads, main and minor, in Marlborough, Wiltshire clean. They spread out to cover as much ground as they could. High Street, Priory Gardens, Cooper’s Meadow, George Lane Car Park, together with other areas that have had problems with litter were all tackled. Roads aren’t the only ones the volunteers are trying to clean up. There were others like ARK volunteers who did river clean-up.

The litter picking project of the town isn’t finished despite what the volunteers have already accomplished. On March 30th and April 7th, another clean-up activity will be held.


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