Mum Raise Funds for his Son’s Headstone


Nothing is more painful than losing a child, but the pain becomes unbearable if you have not gotten a single change to feel your baby’s breath on your chest.

This is what Becki Jeffries went through after losing one of her twins. She was confronted with a nightmare every parent is afraid.  In May 2017, the medical team detected that there was a problem with one of her unborn twins. She was immediately scheduled to deliver the baby via emergency c- section, but it was too late; the baby named Bobby was “born sleeping.”

Becki was grieving the loss of her son Bobby, but she has to be strong and fight for the life of the other baby, Fred. At one point, baby Fred suffered brain bleeding and doctors said he won’t make it through the night.

The little warrior continued to fight, and, today, Fred is almost 2 years old. Fred was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other developmental delays, but he is continuously fighting to survive. Becki, on the other hand, felt the urge to help other mums going through the same battle. She instantly noticed that parents who lose a child need a specialized support system to help them cope. Every parent who is grieving for their loss must find a way to live because it is a very lonely journey.

Becki is now organizing a raffle to raise funds for Bobby’s headstone. She said that she is doing this because most of their income is intended for the care of her other children. Fred, for example, needs to be back on the hospital every month because of his medical conditions.

The raffle will be on May 31, and there are lots of exciting prizes like entrance tickets to local attractions, vouchers for local pubs hampers from Morrison’s, and many more.



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