Devon Affordable Housing? Investigation Reveals Otherwise


An investigation by DevonLive has discovered that the affordable housing project in Devon is not all that affordable to low-income earners.

Affordable housing is a term commonly used by the government for the low-rent housing projects that it develops for people who cannot pay for private rents. It includes the social rent housing and the recently introduced affordable rent housing.

Investigates have found that while social rent housing sets rents at 50 percent less than private rents, affordable rent has rents set at 80% of private rents. 80% is too much for many people who earn low-income wages in Devon.

Housing projects classed as affordable rent have been rising since its introduction in 2012.  By 2018, affordable rent housing stood at 68 percent of all housing projects in Devon surpassing social rent. Nationwide, affordable rent housing projects represented 81 percent of all affordable houses built between 2017 and 2018.

Despite the stats, affordable housing should be called affordable if the local people can pay for the rent with their actual incomes. Investigations show that this is not the case and the affordable rents are just a vague phrase but not affordable. Many families are thus still in a dilemma between food, shelter or clothing since they cannot afford the said affordable rents, to begin with.

There are two types of affordable rents housing, supported housing and the general needs properties. General needs properties are the most common in Devon. Devon residents have to pay 121 British pounds a week for affordable rent properties while social rent properties are charged at 86 pounds a week. The difference amounts to about 1854 more for affordable rents in a single year. Affordable rents are just 29 British pounds less than private rents in Devon.





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