Devon’s Fixer-Upper Houses: Your Possible Dream House in 2019


Did you ever fantasize of getting your very own dream house yet the houses you find always exceed greatly with your allotted budget?

Don’t fret. There are a lot of fixer-upper houses available in Devon.

Although fixer-upper houses need a lot of time, effort and patience to own, they can make for a homey abode you could really be proud of.

Below is a list of places in Devon where you can find available fixer-upper houses up for sale.


There is a house in Northam that has an incredible view of the river up to the Torridge Estuary and boasts of great scenery with the Devonshire countryside. Treharrock is a bungalow that is located in one of the most popular residential areas in Northam. Its price runs about £499,950.


The Station house located in Topsham is a Grade II house that is used previously as an office space. The building and planning consent is already available for the renovation of this house. The price of this property goes up to £300,000.


No. 11 Belfield Avenue is one of the fixer-upper houses in Paignton which is close to a school, a bus service, and some shops. This separated property is suited for retired couples and their families since it offers a spacious dining room and kitchen. The cost of this house barely reaches £282, 500.


This £240,000 property is located on the eastern part of Exeter. This house is a bungalow and offers a wide variety of layouts. Areas of this house include two reception rooms, a dual feature kitchen, a family bathroom and many more.


This property offers a peculiar twist to being on the list of your dream houses. This house, with a price of £185,000, has a 4,000 square feet area that is subject to further development.

There is a wide selection of upper-fixer houses to choose from in Devon. With the right budget and renovation plan, you can achieve your very own dream house.


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