Moronic Drivers Should Start Driving Carefully As New Speed Cameras are Now Installed on A380


Average speed at 70 mph now slashed to 50 mph as new speed cameras installed on the road at South Devon Highway.

Devon County Council, alongside Devon and Cornwall Police, have been working on installing speed cameras on this highway to answer some road traffic concerns, especially with injuries due to collisions due to traffic speed ever since the highway opened in 2015. Yellow overhead cameras are installed at par with the previously-installed speed cameras that had reduced speed limit to 50 mph on Penn Inn’s southbound side, going to Newton Abbot from Exeter. This project was due to operate in 2018, but due to some scheme adjustments, the operation of these overhead yellow speed cameras will begin this February of this year.

Speed traffic limiters and cameras were installed as precautionary measures following road traffic collisions on the Kingskerswell Bypass and the Penn Inn approaching lane on Besigheim Way over River Teign. The incident follows cars cruising through traffic to avoid traffic queues. The city council and local authorities, especially traffic management authorities, have decided to bring down the regular 70 mph speed limit on South Devon Highway to 50 mph in going through the approach to Penn Inn.

Gordon Hook, Lord Councillor of the Devon County Council, has also requested to add a standard instructional sign to urge drivers in driving safely and avoid weaving through traffic queues, saying that “Moronic Lane Changing can Kill”, as it should say so in the instructional sign. He also added that 90% of traffic incidents are caused by local citizens’ poor driving skills and knowledge and that last minute changing of traffic lane added to an inadequate driving knowledge can surely put everyone behind the wheel and its passengers at high risks.

These speed cameras will start their operation in February and will be positioned along A380, from Penn Inn flyover to Hamelin Way in Torquay.


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