Alluring Sights on West England Coast Makes It Your Perfect Holiday Destination


Every year, people flock in their multitudes to the UK for holidays. And it is not just England that commands their undivided attention, it’s the West counties of England. The West Country is arguably the perfect holiday haven in the UK.

There are many reason why you and your family need to spend your holidays in the West Country. Packed with amazing features, the seaside gives you an awesome experience as you behold the crashing waves and watch the sun rise and set on the distant waters.

If you enjoy surfing, you will absolutely want to check out Croyde Bay, which was voted one of the top surfing beaches in the world. You don’t get a better feeling than riding the waves as they lift you up into the sky and you gulp in the salty air that takes away your breath on the sea.

In Devon, you will get a taste of one of the most beautiful counties in the UK. Moving up to North Devon, you can catch the sight of long, rugged and sandy beaches – some of the best in the world – while going down south, you will enjoy the traditional communion of local fishing villages to grab a taste of fresh seafood.

Somerset lies at the heart of the West Country and is a wonderful family vacation spot. Wild bird watchers and explorers will have a field day with breath-taking scenery in the sea cliffs and coves.

Holiday in Cornwall is as good as you get. You will experience the warm ‘Caribbean feeling’ as the sea colour turns sapphire under the afternoon sun. Along Cornwall, you will find St Ives Holiday Village and Widemouth Bay Caravan Park.

On a visit to Exmoor Zoo in Devon, you can catch a view of wildlife. With over 175 species, you can’t get any closer to nature.

There are several monumental parks in the West Country, and your holiday will be filled with exciting moments all through your stay. Plus, there is enough accommodation to contain your family.


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