Best Walks in Somerset


Somerset County is endowed with two national parks, exquisite waterfalls, high moorlands and coastal cliffs; it is a sight to behold.

Here are the five best places to take walks in the county.

  1. Montacute House
  2. Horner Valley
  3. Porlock Bay
  4. Dunster
  5. Tarr Steps


Montacute House:

(Source: Google maps, WillIam Foster)

Take a walk down south Somerset countryside on this 10.2km route. The beautiful gardens, Tudor artwork and high walls of Montacute House are wonderful features to feast your eyes upon at the beginning of your hike. The Elizabethan mansion is owned by National Trust.


Horner Valley:

Horner River (Source: Google maps, Phil Woods)

Horner valley is the perfect place for wildlife-spotting. You can walk 7.8kms and explore Exmoor oak woodlands and the valley’s sprawling waters.

Porlock Bay:

(Source: Google maps, Paula Malinowska)

This coastline displays salt marshes, shingle ridges, a submerged forest and coastal cliffs. The 16.6km walk will make you fall in love with nature.


(Source: Google maps, Philip Bevan)

This route is situated on a hill at North East Exmoor. It spans 6.4kms across the streets of Dunster and boasts a castle with a 1,000 year history.

Tarr Steps:

(Source: Google maps, Simon Parks)

This 11.7km route takes you through Tarr Steps. The clapper bridge is one of the hidden treasures of Somerset.

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