Bristol Water to Save the Day


This morning, water was seen gushing down Frenchay Hill Road because of a burst main around the BS16 area. Taps have run dry for three thousand affected properties with the Staple Hill area being affected as well.

Bristol Water was quickly notified. They handle water supply and work related issues covering a 1000 square mile radius within Bristol.

Immediate response

A team from Bristol Water arrived at the damage scene and set up a road cordon around the water leak. The team recommends a ‘rezoning’ away from the main with the burst. Properties will then get water through a different route from another main. The rezoning option is still being carefully weighed. Digging is currently being done to ascertain the extent of damage from the main and feedback is expected within the hour.

The team foresees quick water restoration but not at optimal water pressure. Traffic build up around adjourning streets will be expected to soar due to re-directed cars off the affected area. Expect to see go/stop boards for a while till the traffic lights get restored.

A Bristol Water spokes-person says: ‘’ we are aware 3,000 properties are currently being affected from the burst main in the Frenchay area. Water supply will be restored at a reduced pressure from a rezone option to cover a large area. A rezone will imply supplying water from a different main to properties. Over the next hour we hope to have an update on the rezone. Damage assessment will be done on the main after this ongoing excavation.’’


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