Devon’s Best Nature Walk


Explore the two national parks of Devon- Dartmoor and Exmoor, along with a host of other beautiful landscapes, from rugged coasts and wildlife-rich nature reserves, to waterfalls, river valleys and moorland.

  1. Coleton Fishacre, South Devon:

Situated in the garden of a 20th century home where you can stay in touch with nature.

  1. Wistman’s Wood, Devon:

The lichen covered boughs in this park have remained unspoilt for several centuries.

  1. East Lyn River, Devon:

Enjoy the six-mile walk from Lynmouth through the East Lyn river to Rockford.

  1. Burrator, Devon:

Steeped in history and presenting some of the best views in England, walkers will enjoy the challenges of the park.

  1. Great Staple and White Tor, Devon

Discover mysterious remains on wild and beautiful Dartmoor with a walk from Great Staple Tor to White Tor.

  1. Teign Gorge, Devon:

One of England’s largest woodland restoration projects is a fantastic place to take an autumn walk.

  1. Hound Tor, Devon:

This is the preferred destination for walkers interested in scary stories about witches, dragons and ghosts.

  1. Gutter Tor and Higher Hartor Tor:

This landmark has served as an inspiration to numerous famous authors.

  1. Lydford Gorge, Devon:

A spectacular chasm in the hills with the Devil’s cauldron on one end and the Whitelady waterfall on the other hand.

  1. Bystock Nature Reserve, Devon:

Come watch this reserve come alive in spring.

  1. Branscombe to Beer, East Devon:

This tiny seaside village is best for anyone who is interested in walking from Branscombe to Beer.


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