Driving protests for Brexit on Devon


On the momentous day when Britain exits the European Union, a democracy stunt is planned for Devon’s roads. This will cause a disruption this week, and they are calling this rally as a “sponsorship drive for democracy”

The vehicles expected to participate are cars, tractors, and lorries, and they will be driving along most of the major roads and routes in Devon. They will be seen traversing along the A30 and the North Devon Link Road.

The participants of this sponsorship drive also encouraged the civilians to take part in this revolt by either driving along or walking behind the last vehicles for at least a half-mile in their own town.

This protest is similar and is somehow a continuation to the “go slow” stunt last week in Exeter. Twelve vehicles were seen leaving the services at the roundabout in Sandygate. For this sponsorship drive, the junction 27, M5 services will be their meeting point at 11am on Friday.

The driving route is planned to start at the M5 shell garage at junction 27, continuing down North Devon link road towards the South Molton passing through Barnstaple up to Okehampton. They will then go back to A30 and through Exeter will go through Honiton A30. From there, they will pass by Cullompton and Willand and back to where they started at junction 27.

Compared to last week’s Brexit protest, one of the participants said this one will be more appreciated since the “go slow” campaign had motorists that were pulled over for driving slowly on a motorway. He further expressed his concern with the police but reasoned out that they cannot intervene on a sponsorship drive.

“We want to raise awareness and collect sympathy for democracy. It’s on its last legs and in intensive care. Join us on the way walk just a few yards behind us. Anything is appreciated,” the driver added.


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