Moving from the South West to Australia – Important Things to Know


For many British expats, moving to Australia is the ultimate dream – the beaches, sun, beaches, acres of space and happy friendly faces are just too appealing. Older British expats move to Australia for the relaxed pace of life, enormous available space (larger housing) and of course, the considerable good weather. Australia also attracts a large number of British students, especially those on gap years: either for adventure travelling or getting work experience on sunnier climes.

Many British families have relocated successfully to Australia; inspired by the strong education system, good healthcare, and a friendly outdoors way of life that contrasts with the tightly knitted style in the UK.

Are you considering moving to Australia? Then consider the following useful information

Similarities between Australia and UK

To begin with, Australia has a unique relationship with the UK. In fact, it is one of the most popular countries in the world for British expats to relocate to as the top three cities for British expats – Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – are all in Australia.

Boasting a high ‘Quality of Life’ score (second in the world according to the UN), over 35,000 kilometres of coastline, stunningly beautiful landscapes and an ideal environment for raising a family, Australia shares many British values, and landscapes that will appeal particularly to those in South West England— but on a sprawling and spectacular scale.

Also, there are a number of British Communities in Australia where you can meet fellow Britons.

Below are some communities and blogs where you can start networking with other Brits

Brit Expats (Australia sub-forum)Australia ForumBritz in OzLondoner In SydneyThe Only Way Is Melbourne and The New Australian

A Guide to Moving to Australia from the UK

Way of Life in Australia

The Aussie lifestyle is a healthy balance between competitive spirit, traditional family values and a close knit circle of love ones. Naturally, Australians love the great outdoors, given the breath taking natural landscapes on their doorstep.  Aussies are much more willing to engage a complete stranger in conversation. Two qualities that run deep in the Aussie way of life are politeness and fairness. Adopt these and you are fine.

Cost of Living in Australia

No, Australia is not cheap. As shown in this useful Cost of Living calculator, you can expect to pay more for consumer goods and rent in Australia. However, this should not be a problem if you are employed in Australia, as the wages are strong enough to balance it out.

Australia’s economy is stable with competitive industries where expats can pursue just about any career path they so desire — if they can secure the necessary visa. Australians do not work themselves to death, they understand and appreciate a good work-life balance. Make no mistake about it, hard work is valued – but so are the core Aussie values of fun, family and friends.

Healthcare and Education

Australia operates a system of private and state healthcare combined into universal medical cover known as Medicare. It is one of the most efficient and widely admired healthcare systems in the world and it is no exaggeration to say the NHS would not be missed after moving to Australia!

This is reflected in the country having a higher life expectancy than Britain (82.8 vs 81.2), lower infant mortality (3 per 1000 vs 4 per 1000) and a very good record when it comes to avoiding preventable deaths in care.

The education system also is outstanding, there four options for schools:

  • State schools (public)
  • Private schools
  • Private international schools
  • Faith-based schools

Around 70% of the population attends public schools. There are many well-established private schools in Australia; a number of them globally renowned. There are also a handful of international schools for expats who want their kids to continue with the UK’s National Curriculum.

Of course, there are a number of other personal issues to consider before making the move, but going by the above, it is not hard to see why Australia is the popular destination for British expats.

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