New amazing ferry for Devon


Misty Blue diligently plied Appledore and Instow ferry points over the course of several years with Devon passengers (local residents and tourists). Her work ethic has been admirable and commendable as passengers attest. However the recommended serviceable years for Misty Blue have come to an end.

The current ferry (Misty Blue) will be replaced by an amazing new ferry, a Pescador 780 by next year. The Pescador 780 comes with a bigger price tag compared to the current ferry and had to be procured through a grant.

Getting approval

Apple Instow Ferry Services who run the ferry service had support from its board members before a go-ahead was given.

The Pescador 780 was procured through an application from a Leader 5* European grant. Funding was then accessed through North Devon Plus. North Devon Plus and Apple Instow Ferry Service had to work closely together.

Councillor Brian Moores is Chairman of the board of Appledore Instow Ferry who supported the application to Devon Plus. Councillor Des Brailey is both a leader of the Council and a member of North Devon Plus who was helpful.

Features of the new ferry

Space: the Pescador 780 has 74% more deck space than Misty Blue does.

Comfort: more space means better comfort for passengers.

Better safety: the Pescador 780 provides more safety than what Misty Blue can offer.

An improved Devon

The Devon community will be a better place tomorrow with the new ferry that will be put in place.

Members have given North Devon Plus appreciation for its contributions to date. These include over GBP1.6m funding to communities as well as backing up 70 local businesses.


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