Wild Boar sighting in Somerset


Be careful, a wild boar was spotted within Cranborne Chase woods around King Alfred’s Castle close to Frome. Information received couldn’t determine its sex by confirming the size of the tusk. The tusk of a male boar is longer and can grow up to 12cm. It is possible this single boar was a male because adult males tend to be solitary.

It is unusual to see a wild boar in Somerset. The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust confirm what a rare opportunity this sighting was.

It has not been established where this boar seemed to have come from, since Somerset does not have   verified thriving boar families. In some parts of the UK like in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, boars are culled. Other parts of the UK were culling happens include Devon, Dorset and Kent. The UK has a population of about 4,000 boars.

To tell it’s a boar

A wild boar comes with a coat that is bristlier and thicker than that of a domestic pig. The hair colour of a boar tends to be dark grey, brown or black. Boars have longer legs and heads. They have straighter and longer tails compared to pigs. Boars tend to have a thick hair line down their backs.

What to do when you see one

Do not try to box into a corner a wild boar when you see one. Steer clear off a wild boar because boars have a nasty temper. A wild boar can get hostile and hurt you.

Female boars with babies tend to be aggressive due to their protective nature. Aggression among the males during the breeding season soar and do get highly intense. This is because of mating rights with the females which sometimes lead to injury or even death of a rival male.

Do stay safe.


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