Dating Apps: How To Stay Safe While Finding Love Online


Online dating is becoming a common thing in today’s world. It is a place where lonely people have found their life-long partners. However, online dating platforms have, unfortunately, become a favorite place for conmen, molesters, sexual predators, stalkers and even serial killers to scout their victims. So if you are looking for a companion for Valentine’s day on online dating platforms, or more replacements here, there are certain things you should do to ensure your safety while finding love online.

What To Do?

When subscribing to an online dating site, part of the registration process is to provide your personal information such as your location, family info, and work among others. Chances are that many people will have access to your profile and get some data about your life.

Because of this, the privacy in many of the online dating sites is limited. For example, Tinder allows advertisers and other third parties to access the personal information you have provided on the platform. It is a tricky affair since it makes you vulnerable to predators who have evil minds.

Other apps such as Bumble access information from your social media accounts if you link them to the dating site. Before you know it, you end up giving out too much personal information than you intended to. And again, you put yourself in the line of evil-minded people. has a blocking feature but only for communication. Your profile is still viewable even to people you block, so it is not all that effective in keeping you safe. It, however, gives you the option to choose what you would share and what you would rather not.

Tips To Stay Safe While Finding Love Online Using Dating Apps

  • If possible, take a tour in all search engines to see what information about you is already out there before signing up on a dating site. It gives you an idea of what personal information you will provide to the site.
  • Do not provide your full name, especially your last name, until you are comfortable with the person you choose to meet.
  • Avoid using pictures from your social media profiles such as Instagram or Facebook. Pictures can easily lead someone to your social media profiles and vice versa.
  • Choose an open public place when you decide to meet someone. It is an added safety advantage.
  • Plan out an emergency exit if things start to seem odd while on a date.
  • You should also notify a friend or a family member of your date. Provide the exact time and location of your date. This is important in the investigating process in case something happens.
  • Avoid people who start to ask for money or gifts, plane tickets or any other handouts. Most of these kinds of people are scammers looking to take advantage of you. Many people have lost valuables and a lot of money to scammers taking advantage of people’s loneliness or determination to find a companion. Dating sites have also fallen victim to scammers.
  • The last but most important tip is to trust your gut. If something feels wrong, do not go through with it. Avoid it at all costs. Instincts have saved many people’s lives.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you will never fall victim to the heartless beings on online dating sites.

Finding love online doesn’t have to cost you your money or your safety. Be vigilant and learn how to avoid scammers while in the venture of finding a partner online.


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