1,000 People from Gloucestershire on Their Thoughts About Brexit


When asked about their thoughts of Brexit, 1,000 people from Gloucestershire responded and got one answer they generally agree on.

With the No Deal Brexit and the deals between the politicians in Westminster, news website Gloucestershire Live managed to ask the people of Gloucestershire all the necessary questions about Brexit.

Brexit refers to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, a political and economic partnership that involves 28 European countries.

The reason behind this issue dates back to the referendum held on June 23, 2016, whereby every one of voting age had the chance to decide whether the UK should remain or leave from the Europian Union. Leave won with the percentage of 51.9%, and the turnout of the referendum was 71.8% with over 30 million people voting.

Brexit has currently become one of the biggest issues affecting the UK and its people today. For this reason, Gloucestershire Live decided to ask 1,000 people from the county of Gloucestershire about the issue of Brexit.

As it turned out in the survey, there really isn’t much support for another referendum or even a general election in the country.

Naturally, the answers on a No Deal Brexit were split. However, there’s apparently one thing almost everyone has agreed on, and that was the behaviours of the politicians in Westminster when it comes to processing the issue. People generally think the performance of the politicians is not very impressive.

The survey has five options for people to choose: strongly agree, tend to agree, neither agree nor disagree, tend to disagree and strongly disagree.

Below are some of the questions asked to the people of Gloucestershire and the percentage of the total agree and disagree answers.

The Brexit deal?

Total agree: 30.2%

Total disagree: 42.7%

A new referendum?

Total agree: 34.7%

Total disagree: 49.1%

General election?

Total agree: 23.2%

Total disagree: 55.1%

No deal Brexit?

Total agree: 40.7%

Total disagree: 32.6%

Stop Brexit?

Total agree: 43.2%

Total disagree: 39.7%

Impressed by politicians?

Total agree: 5.3%

Total disagree: 76.9%


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