17-year-old Boy Charged for the Murder of Ellie Gould


A 17-year-old boy from Calne, Wiltshire, has been charged for the murder of Ellie Gould, according to Wiltshire Police. The suspect is set to appear on Tuesday before the Salisbury Magistrates’ Court.

Ellie Gould was a student it Hardenhuish School and was on her 12th year in high school. She was seen and pronounced dead on Friday in Springfield Drive in Calne.  The afternoon of the murder, the suspect was detained by the police in Chippenham. The identity of the boy being charged is being kept anonymous due to the boy’s age.

An inspector involved in the case, Inspector Don Pocock, released a statement saying that this kind of case would usually take some time. This would also make an impact on the lives of the local people in the community. He thanked them for their understanding of the situation. The recent days have been nothing short of a bit nerve-wracking for the residents of Calne and Chippenham as police presence in both areas has been increased, according to the inspector. He continued to say that they realized that this adds to the anxiety that the people of the communities feel after the tragic incident. However, he said that he wanted to reassure people that the detectives and the police were working very hard to do their jobs as swiftly and as quietly as possible to not add to the impact the crime had on the people living and working in the areas.

In addition, the inspector asked people discussing the matter on social media to be sensitive about the speculations and the comments they publicly write online, especially now that someone is being charged for the crime.

Meanwhile, Lisa Percy, the head teacher of the school Ellie Gould attended, released a statement saying that she would like to thank everyone who has given support and relayed messages of their sorrow about what happened, as well as the agencies that supported them. She also asked that everyone give their thoughts and prayer to the girl’s family and friends.


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