£300K worth of cannabis plants seized at another Cheltenham address


Gloucestershire Police’s Serious and Organized Crime Operations taskforce seized up 300 cannabis plants approximately valued at £300K at a property in New Street, near Waitrose in Cheltenham. 

On a tweet posted by the taskforce today at 3:45 AM, they have extended their work hours to proceed the operation of confiscating these plants. A report made by a local resident pointed to a lighted house where he said cannabis plants were cultivated. The task force proceeded with the operation immediately and found the house, with its lights on that illuminated the plants. All cannabis plants found in the property were immediately seized and brought to the station for disposal. One person was arrested for illegal manufacturing of cannabis and other homes were also found to have cannabis plant pots in their house and backyards in Cheltenham. Additional 100 cannabis plants were seized, and this operation has confiscated a total of $460,000 worth of cannabis in the Cheltenham area alone. The task force is serious in the implementation of user control of these cannabis plants, especially the cannabis leaves, used for recreational drugs. The county still lists cannabis in leaf and oil forms as illegal and could not be used for recreation. 

 Just last week, 500 cannabis plants were also seized in Gloucester where two guys and a woman were arrested for illegal cannabis possession and manufacture. The task force is adamant and ecstatic at the same time about the progress of the operation and how this could provide good light, not just on the campaign against illegal drugs, but also to the police force. 

Gloucester Police promises to continue the operation until the region had completed the campaign against illegal drug use and manufacture. Updates of the campaign by the Gloucestershire Police’s taskforce will be continually posted on their official Twitter account (@GlosPolice_SOC) and other social media platforms.  


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