420 South Bristol flats to be built on a Former Library and Car Park Site


Bristol developer, the Pelican, has proposed a development plan for the former library site with a multi-storey car park at the Boardwalk Shopping Center in Knowle, South Bristol. According to them, the development’s aim is to re-establish the existing shopping center. Pelican has already received the recommendation of a go-ahead from the Bristol City Council, and they are expecting the approval on the next committee meeting.

The Housing Proposal

The Boardwalk Shopping Center development plan shows the construction of about 420 flats, 420 parking slots, and over 11,000 square meters of floor area for shops, leisure spaces, office, and community area. However, based on the proposal, of the 420 proposed flats, only around 13% of the housing count, which is estimated to be 54 flats, is considered affordable. 42 of which will be allotted for social rent, and 23% will be open for shared ownership.

A Totterdown residents’ association, TRESA, raised this concern and has pointed out that the Bristol City Council should push through 40% affordability count for the flats. To answer the concern, Councilor Gary Hopkins of Knowle stated that the proposal from Pelican needs to be realistic and that the developer has to consider the repair costs that they have to do with the existing building, which is about £15 million.

Do locals agree with the proposal or not?

The proposal has raised 171 comments in favor of the development and 285 objections. On the other hand, the Boardwalk Shopping Center traders started a petition and have garnered over 3,100 signatures to support the proposal.

This development has sparked different opinions from the residents. Toby Maynard from the Square in Knowle pointed out that this development will be a great improvement and help to the locals as the residents will no longer need to travel far to purchase goods. On the other hand, a man from Churchill Road, Brislington, Simon Williams believes that this development is completely not suited for the area and that building a huge structure will destroy the neighborhood’s beautiful view. The Pelican has still to comment on this matter.


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