A Chilly Day Ahead: Ice Warning In Cornwall


What are your plans for Tuesday? Well, you might need to postpone your trip, especially if your ice skills are worrying.

Gusty winds and rain will cross from the west on Monday evening and are expected to clear during the early hours of Tuesday. The rain may cause icy covering on the hills as it clears. Showers are to be expected with periods of lighter winds and sunny moments taking the day on various regions with a minimum temperature of 2C (36F) and maximum of 6C (43F).

MET Office Ice Warning

Met Office has put a yellow alert for some parts of Cornwall with Duchy being the most affected. Between 00:00 Tue 22nd and 12:00 Tue 22nd, Met Office has warned of ice expectancy with the north coast, the far west, and the Lizard, getting a warmer experience. Tuesday brings another icy look to your neighborhood, days after Cornwall experienced ice presence up to knee level. If you are planning a day trip, keep in mind that some transportation means, including railways and roads, may be affected especially for longer trips.

Stay In Check

With the ice warning, expect cycle paths, pavements, and roads to be icy. Ensure your little ones are safe. As you work your way, be careful as slip and falls on the slippery surfaces are to be expected.  Injuries are usually reported during icy periods. As you clear your pavement, drive or any other outdoor activity, stay in check to avoid unnecessary accidents. Keep your first aid close in case of a minor injury.

After waking up to a full blood moon on Monday, Cornwall prepares to face a chilly Tuesday. If you are planning to head to the Duchy, have your itinerary checked in advance to avoid delays.

Most importantly, stay safe.