A Climate Emergency: Wiltshire Aims to be Carbon Neutral by 2030


For our grandchildren and for the sake of the future

At County Hall Trow-bridge, people of Wiltshire rejoiced after a vote over climate change was made as a result of a peaceful protest. After an hour-long intense debate, councilors were split down by the middle with 36 councilors supporting to declare a Climate Emergency while 32 councilors opposed the motion.

The collaboration between Councilor Brian Mathew and activist group Extinction Rebellion a non-violent international movement that demands real solutions toward climate crisis from the government wants Wiltshire Council to declare a climate emergency which has been done already by other councils such as Bristol and Brighton.

Wiltshire Council now joins 20 other councils such as North Somerset and Bristol Council whose goals are to be carbon neutral by the year 2030 and to limit global warming to under 1.5 degrees.

Councilor Brian Mathew believes that we have a chance to do something about the issue at hand and find a solution to it by thinking globally and acting globally. Councilor Sarah Gibson believes that the only way that we could achieve change is if the issue is taken seriously, thus the need for emergency.

Some conservative councilors such as Councilors Mary Douglas and Stuart Wheeler whose views were swayed after the debate also agreed with the motion.

A second motion was also approved to look deeper and wider into what Wiltshire Council can do to get to the heart of the issue and how to be more environmentally friendly and create a designated cabinet position whose purpose is to be responsible for environmental-related issues.


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