A major road in Gloucestershire to be closed for months


Residents of Gloucestershire have expressed their apprehension upon finding out that a major road in their city will be closed for up to 6 months.

This comes after it was announced that a route between Brockworth and Churchdown will be potentially closed for an initial duration of a month starting April 8 then again for another 5 months until October 14.

The city council, while not responsible for the closure, have received requests to close the road so that works may be undertaken. Phil Cameron, the Gloucestershire City Council’s Network and Traffic Manager, have stated that they received a number of road closure requests which are related to the Linden Homes housing development off Court Road in Brockworth so that the developers may carry out road works.

He also stated that their role is to consider the requests, release the information of potential road works to the public, and coordinate activities so that it may be completed as soon as possible to lessen the disruption experienced by the people.

This news came as a shock to the community as only a few members were informed during the Brockworth Parish Council meeting. They claim that the duration is far too long and disruptive.

The first stage of the road closure is from April 8 to May 8, from the Tithe Barn Craft Centre to Bellmouth Linden Homes development. This is so that E S Pipelines Ltd can excavate the carriageway to install 136 m of medium pressure gas mains.

The second stage will be from May 9 until October 14, starting from Ros-lie to the Tithe Barn Craft Centre. The reason for the closure is to install a new footway and sewer connection.

Many residents claim that the road closure will be ‘a nightmare’ and that Brockworth will be ‘gridlocked’.



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