A Massive Fire Explodes in Bristol


A tremendous fire suddenly blasted at around 04:10 on Sunday afternoon, February 24, which frightened the residents living around Staple Hill, Kingswood, Soundwell and Mangotsfield.

A huge billowing smoke formation can be seen for miles around Bristol premises, and several establishments and properties were damaged.

According to an intelligence report, the fire station crews from Yate, Hicks Gate, Kingswood, Patchway, and Avonmouth were called to seize the humongous fire which was caused by 300 chemical containers in an industrial area in Bridge Road, Kingswood.

Furthermore, reports also disclosed that the cause of the huge industrial estate fire which created a gigantic plume of smoke that dominated Bristol’s skyline was intentional.

Four of the fire fighting crews used breathing apparatus, four 45-mm jets, and a high-pressure power hose to defeat the blazing fire, while others used environment agency pack booms and chemical absorbent booms to restrain the chemicals from overflowing the nearby drainage.

The blazing fire was controlled by firefighters some hours later, and fire service manager Steve Imrie immediately confirmed that there were no resulting injuries after the said incident because nobody was on the site when the fire broke.

Jennie Bigwood, Avon and Somerset spokesperson stated that there were police officers around the fire scene who were fully supporting the firefighters and the nearby residents. Moreover, they had confirmed that the smoke wasn’t toxic at all.

On the contrary, Bridgeroad at the roundabout and cycle path were all closed because the fire had affected the barrels outside the recycling company. Although the smoke was not toxic, the fire crews advised the residents to keep their doors and windows closed as a precaution.

Meanwhile, one eyewitness named Paul Masri-Stone stated that after they saw how thick and black the smoke was, they immediately headed towards the cycle track.


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