A strange figure was spotted in Dorset using Google Maps Street View


A very strange and unusual looking sight was photographed by Google Maps Street View in Sherborne, Dorset. The mysterious figure appears to resemble a ghost walking down the residential street of English market town. To make things even creepier, the image shows the same guy walking three times. Are there three different guys walking next to each other or are three different versions of this guy? All of these three figures are seen wearing the same clothing.

The guy seems to be an old man wearing a white jumper and beige trousers while he is walking down the road. However, there is one thing that ruins the scary element of the photo and that is the shopping bag that he is holding in his left hand. Obviously, this is not your typical ghost.

There is definitely a more logical explanation behind the creepy shot.

Something has definitely gone wrong with Google cameras that caused a technological glitch problem.

The cause of the problem of how the image is formed is due to the splicing of photography.

When taking a photograph, the 360-degree camera shoots multiple photos to make a seamless image.

The problem is when photos are taken, moving objects usually ruins the scene as they move from one position to another.

The result of the creepy photo is that the man is probably moving when the photo was taken.

This is not the first time a strange photo was taken by Google Maps.

In a similar case, a sitting man was photographed. On the surface, the man looks like a normal person from the neck all the way down to the bottom, but there is something that is not right on his face.

The man has white hair on the sides and back of his head and he is bald. However, that’s not the only place where the hair grows. The man seems to have a coat of white hair that covers his face and only stops at the eyebrows.

The man slightly appears to look like an animal as he seems to not have a nose on his face.

Instead, he looks like he is covered with fluffy white hair that protrudes below his eyes.

As a matter of fact, his eyes and mouth are difficult to see, but his one ear is visible and looks normal.

There are other bizarre shots Google Maps managed to capture.