A Student was Dobbed in by a Bristol Tutor After he was Offered Money to Help her Cheat


The tutor was alarmed after a student presented him with an amount of money to help her to cheat on a project.

The Kingsdown-based tutor is a member of the First Tutors website ever since 2015 and never had an offer of plagiarism until 2018.

He was asked by an A-Level student to make a 30-page mechanical engineering paper for her.

The anonymous tutor quickly contacted the girl’s college which is in Scotland about the matter.

He was shocked about the girl’s action that he never thought twice.

The 25-year old tutor, an engineering graduate from Bristol University, had told the public that there are four A-Level students have asked him to help them cheat on separate occasions. Three of these students are from Bristol.

According to him, “They have never got into the amount they would offer me because I shut them down immediately.”

He also added that “The first few students wanted me to write Physics extended projects for them, but they didn’t say much more than that.”

It was the fourth A-Level student that committed her huge mistake which is by revealing her college.

The student simply wrote that her query was not anything about her lessons with a smiley emoticon. She also further explained that she would like the tutor to write a project for her mechanical engineering unit.

She also added that such a project is not a huge one since it has only 30 pages.

The tutor rejected the offer but the student kept on bothering him and convincing him to change his mind.

So, the tutor, out of annoyance, dobbed her in into her college through an email. Although he was never happy with what happened, he was hoping the student would learn from her mistake.

The 25-year old tutor was praised by the college’s Physics teacher and the First Tutor website spokesperson.


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