A Woman Charged with Assault on Ryanair Flight


A drunken woman was arrested after she attacked a person on a Ryanair flight causing the plane to initiate repeat landing at Bristol Airport.

Sheila Thompson, 53 years of age, started her disorderly acts after the departure of Ryanair flight, bound to Alicante.

She began abusing staffs and passengers in a physical and verbal manner, said by eyewitnesses.

The plane which left on the 30th of September landed back on the airport shortly after taking off. Mrs. Thompson was charged with assault shortly after the landing of the Ryanair flight.

The suspect got on the plane with a loud voice, and her actions were suspiciously awkward. She seemed very irritable while mumbling in a loud manner, according to a co-passenger who wanted to make his identity anonymous.

When the seatbelt signs turned off, Mrs. Thompson got up and screamed while all the other passengers heard her shouting.

Every passenger could hear her voice and she acted childishly. Fortunately, flight crew members handled the situation excellently, and they were extremely professional in controlling the turmoil.

She only behaved when police officers arrived. Right after the witnesses had provided the police their statements, the Ryanair flight was ordered to take off right away.

Sheila Thompson who lived at Hele Rd, Torquay, was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court on February 7 for 12 months in jail.

Mrs. Thompson pleaded guilty of assault and being drunk while aboard the airplane.

Insp. Barney Gardom, the airport commander police of Bristol Airport, stated that the police won’t accept these kinds of offensive actions and will continue to cooperate with Bristol Airport to make rapid actions to apprehend disorderly mannered passengers.

The police will take every possible action whenever or wherever the lawbreakers may be. These offenders who make even the most minor offense shall be put to court and shall have to face the consequences of their actions, Mr. Gardom added.


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