A woman drowns at Teignmouth Sea


On February at 1:05 pm, police officers responded to a call wherein a woman was found at the shores of Teignmouth Sea.

A dreadful incident happened when an elderly woman got pulled away from the shores of Teignmouth and was reportedly dead.

The coastguard, an air ambulance, and police officers responded to a call about a woman drowning at the waters of Teignmouth at approximately 1:05 pm in the afternoon.

Coastguard got a 999 distress call from a concerned citizen just after 1 pm saying that he saw a woman getting pulled away by the current at Teignmouth Sea.

Various government agencies responded to the scene, including the Teignmouth RNLI Lifeboat, Cornwall and Devon Police, Teignmouth Coastguard Rescue Team, South West Ambulance Service and an air ambulance were sent to the area.

Devon and Cornwall spokesperson confirmed that a woman of old age that was drawn away from the Teignmouth Sea was found by a citizen at Sprey Point beach.

The paramedics who responded stated that they were able to rescue the victim. She was then resuscitated for a couple of minutes but was not able to revive her, and unfortunately, she died.

There was no sort of papers that they can use to identify the victim.

The police are still looking for any person related to the victim.

The coastguard warned the public to always observe precautionary measures to prevent these kinds of incidents to happen. Moreover, people are constantly reminded to watch over their elderly relatives especially those who do not know how to swim.

Authorities are requesting for any witnesses who are present at the time of the incident to give an official statement to the police.

Anyone who has information is urged to call the hotline number 101 citing the log number 888.


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