A zoo in Devon introduces the unique and exciting human versus beast challenge.


One of the best places to spend quality time with your family or friends is the zoo. There are a lot of different live animals that you will be able to see and encounter in this conservation. And everything becomes more interesting if there’s a twist in place. A zoo in Devon offers that and more.

This 2019, the Dartmoor Zoo introduced a new activity that you would surely want to try. It is called the human versus beast challenge. Here, you will get the chance to play the match of tug of war, but not the usual one because you will be playing with a lion or a tiger. You can choose the male lion whose name is Jasirir or Dragan which is the male tiger. Adults and children can participate in this exciting activity. But for safety reasons, the child’s age should be eight and above. It is also recommended to form a group which consists of four people– preferably a child whose age is eight and above and three adults. The activity costs £15 for each person. Surely, this activity is a different and exciting way to encounter animals in the zoo. And Dartmoor Zoo in Devon is probably the first one among of all to come up with this idea.

But sad to say, the human versus beast challenge is open for a limited time only. The Dartmoor Zoo will only offer it to the people on February 16 up to February 24. In addition to that, the availability of the activity is also limited so be sure to book a slot by contacting the zoo’s hotline. But if you’re lucky, you can also book a slot on the same day you visit the zoo, but expect that it is in order of arrival.


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