After One of the Busiest Summers on Record, Police Numbers in Dorset Placed under Constant Review


With June, August, and September being the busiest since the early 2000s, the busiest month on record for 999 calls was the month of July.

While the number of civilian staff on the police force is lower than what is budgeted for, on November 13, a report to the county’s police and crime panel states that the number of uniformed officers is a little above establishment currently.

Alexis Garlic, the chief financial officer, said that the force is working towards keeping its workforce numbers, and mix under continuous review.

She also mentioned that further work is due on the optimisation of resources to meet the growing demand, and that a review of calls on police time has been taken up.

According to national study discoveries, compared to 10 percent on domestic incidents, and around 14 percent on violent crime, around 25 percent of frontline time is spent on calls about the concerns for the welfare of individuals and missing people. These calls are handled by significant amounts of frontline staff with jobs which the public might not consider core policing activities.

Some of the calls and service that constitute an ongoing challenge for the Force can be better understood and managed differently, locally, with an underway task and finish approach.

A report of further findings due in December will be noted by the county’s police and crime panel.

The current assumption of a further £12 increase for Band D properties for 2019/20 will also be discussed against its budget implications for the current financial year.

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