An Ancient Wagon Discovered in Wiltshire Reaches Llangollen


An old dray spotted in a garage of a former railway employee in Wiltshire has landed in Llangollen. The Llangollen Railway’s Heritage organization obtained the Great Western Railway carriage after well-wishers and other local workers raised 3,400 euros within a week for it to get to the new garage, where it will serve as an educational tool. The carriage was one of the possessions of a late gentleman who previously served at the Swindon railway works. He had acquired it from Swindon during the 1960s and preserved it in his garage at his homestead in Royal Wootton Bassett. It has remained there until it got discovered by his family beginning of this year.

Welcome Ceremony Held in Honor of the Dray

Peter Dickinson, one of the volunteers, said the purpose of the carriage was to collect and distribute parcels and other stuff from the neighboring cities around the Railway’s stations. Most of the wagons got constructed before the beginning of the commercial powered vehicles between the 1920s and 1930s. The cart is among the four known to be existing. The dray was awarded a ceremonial reception when it reached Llangollen station via road on 4th May. A wedding festival took place in which railway volunteers and guests attended.

The Wagon will be an Educational Tool

It got accustomed to the previous traction, developed like a working stallion from the nearby Llangollen Wharf.  After the photo session, the carriage proceeded with its trip to the Carrog rural station. The dray’s condition was notable considering its age and the fact that it had stayed in a garage from the 1960s. It will be an educative instrument by showing people how the railways interacted with the rural inhabitants they served and frequent usage of horse-power. The wagon will also contribute to the promotion of the Llangollen Railway by showcasing to the public.



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