An Award-Winning Pub Restaurant is listed FOR SALE


The Night Jar, in Aylesbeare in East Devon, is currently listed on sale in the market.

A licensed property specialist, Stonesmith, in Exeter has currently put up the on-sale sign for this award-winning restaurant. Total sale price is at £425,000. VAT is not yet included in this freehold quotation.

The Night Jar has won The Best Pub Restaurant in 2019 during the 2019 Food Drink Devon Awards. This restaurant has a main lounge area with a seating capacity of more than 40 people. The first floor of the pub has a seating capacity of more than 42 and has a parking space that can park 14 vehicles in their enclosed patio area. They have accommodations inside that consist of two double bedrooms and a lounge or dining rooms with an open plan kitchen. There are office areas and a shower room.

This is considered to be a valuable investment property because of its location. Located in the prime trading center in East Devon, The Night Jar will surely attract customers in the locale and in the surrounding towns and counties. This sale has been offered after an extremely successful trading inaugural year.

You can make inquiries about the property by calling Stonesmith at 01392 201262 or visit their website at