An Extra £10 Million Earmarked to Fix Dilapidating Roads in Cornwall



The sum of £10 million has been earmarked for the rebuilding of dilapidating roads in Cornwall. The government sees the funding as the right step to help safeguard the life of road users.

The culmination of monies to be spent on South West roads for the year stands at over £238 million.

The Department for Transport disclosed the full sum of the budget to be 420 million.

The development shows the government is indeed interested in solving the growing challenge for motorists by fixing the roads. The government says it is pumping more funds into road development than ever before. The sum of £15 billion was budgeted for the period covering 2015 and 2020. Another £28.8 billion would cover for 2025. This was made known by Roads Minister Jesse Noman.

The extra £10 million being allocated for Cornwall roads would be spent on fixing potholes. This is basically a safety precaution for motorists.

Cornwall council member Geoff Brown was clearly elated by the development. He said some people might be amazed that Cornwall is getting so much; but their 4500km road network makes it a deserving sum for maintenance.

According to Brown, maintenance of Cornwall roads in October reached 99 percent in about 48 hours. Brown said it was a really impressive record.

The money would be spent on roads in the most need of repairs first. According to Brown, roads in A and B categories are in good condition. However, roads in C category or below deserve urgent attention. This is because roads in those categories suffered austerity cuts in the not too distant past and would now enjoy a fairer share of the additional £10million.


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