Assault in Trowbridge Town Center Left One Injured


Assault in Trowbridge town center left one injured.

The police investigation continued on Market Street as one man in his twenties was assaulted by another thirty-eight-year-old man in the town center in Trowbridge.

Wiltshire Police had not yet confirmed whether the victim received wounds from a stab. However, they have rushed him to the hospital immediately after the ambulance came. The police have been called to the crime scene at around 3:30 PM after receiving a call from an eyewitness to the crime. They have caught the assailant and had put him in custody until the investigation has been finished. Relatives of the assault victim have already been called up to inform them of the situation.

As of the moment, the victim has been treated in a hospital in Trowbridge. No medical reports have been released yet on the number of injuries received by the victim, albeit they were considered as serious. The man was also reported to be half conscious when he was brought by the ambulance.

The arrested man had also been suspected for use of GBH that, according to police reports, may have led him to assault another man. Nonetheless, police investigation continues to discover the real intention of the assault.

Security has also been lifted up in the area as the increase of stabbing and assault cases have increased this year, following another incident of a checkpoint that had one man held up for illegal possession of a knife. Peter Fuller, leader of the town council, had said that this type of crime had become more serious than it has been in Trowbridge.

Wiltshire Police and Trowbridge town council continues to call up to the locals in the area to stay safe, especially during these times, and report anyone who had suspicious actions in public or may have possessed an illegal weapon.


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