Cornwall Council Responds With A Mocking Tweet After Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Asks to Lift The Ban On A Band Playing Music At Home


The Foo Fighters’ founder Dave Grohl wrote a letter to the Cornwall Council that asks them to lift the ban on a certain local band that plays on their home. However, he receives a “mocking” tweet from the authority.

The former drummer of Nirvana wrote to Cornwall’s council two years ago on behalf of the band named Black Leaves of Envy which was based from Helston, Cornwall.

Grohl stressed to the council the importance of music in his letter that was shared by a famous social media profile to celebrate his 50th birthday.

The Cornwall Council responds to the public about the letter with a tweet that is filled with Foo Fighter puns, which leaves the Black Leaves of Envy enraged.

The spokesman shares, “‘We knew it was only A Matter of Time until Dave Grohl’s letter resurfaced.

“We didn’t want throw a Monkey Wrench into a local band’s practice plans, but we’d heard from neighbours that the noise was making them pretty Low.”

They said that they didn’t want to throw a Monkey Wrench into the practice plans of the band, but they’ve heard from the neighbours that the noise is making them low.

The Cornwall Council replies, “We wrote to the band in 2016 after receiving a number of complaints from neighbours about the noise levels.”

The council said that the law about offending noise nuisance means they are legally allowed to investigate once they receive a complaint.

However, no legal action was taken against the band. The council said that they never set a recommended limit for the noise level or told the band to stop playing.

The council spoke to the property owner on different occasions and offered to work with the band to look for different ways to reduce the noise levels. The council also suggests to the band to play at a certain time of the day and suggests installing a soundproofing device in the garage to solve the problem.

Ultimately, the owner did not contact the council to ask for further advice, and they didn’t receive any further noise level complaints.