Bath Spa University to Adopt a New Admission Process


Bath Spa University has started a new admission process, discarding the traditional entry process of considering grades for admission.

The new scheme which overlooks exam results and grades will now involve offering interviews, auditions or accepting a portfolio of work from Prospective students.

The University has dismissed claims from critics that the new scheme might affect the work ethics of the students. To reinforce their commitment to the new system, the university has offered a £750 award to students who show exceptional achievement in arts and whose performance surpasses their predicted grade.

The new entry process which will be premiered in 2019 is aimed at reducing unnecessary stress on students.

A University spokesperson assured free accommodation to prospective students who make the University of Bath their first choice.

To address the new scheme, the University vice-chancellor, Professor Sue Rigby, released a statement noting that that the reason for adopting a new entry scheme for the university is to attract young and exciting talents.

The statement further explained that the new scheme was put in place in order to understand the abilities of prospective students through interviews, auditions and looking through their portfolio of work.

In addition to the reasons why the new scheme was adopted, the vice chancellor of the university maintained that the skills needed to thrive in a university are different from the skills needed in a school or college, he further reiterated the £750 scholarship for applicants who do better than predicted in their exams.




















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