Big Cat Warning After Panther-Like Creature Was Spotted in Cornwall


Paw prints, which are apparently made by a big cat, have been found in Cornwall after a panther-like creature was seen attacking a dog.

Police received reports of the incident in a garden in Harrowbarrow, Cornwall on the 29th of March and called the RSPCA.

According to the police, they have received the report from a resident who claimed that there is a panther in their garden and it attacked their dog, and later, it was seen with another animal hanging from its mouth.

Officers came and found a large paw print that’s as big as that of a large cat.

According to Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson, police received a report of a sighting of a big cat around the Callington area.

The police reassured the public as there have been lots of similar reports across Cornwall and Devon, and there have had no evidence that these animals endanger the humans nearby. According to the police, these animals are highly likely to avoid human contact and may only represent danger if attacked or trapped. The police added that in case of another sighting of these animals, they should not be approached at all cost.

Moreover, according to RSPCA, their officer reported about the case of a Labrador having been scratch by a big, black cat. Fortunately, despite having scratch marks, the dog appeared to be fine. The owner was later advised to take precautions and keep a watchful eye on the dog for further sightings.

Apparently, this is not the first time for Cornwall to receive such reports as many similar reports have also been made over the past years. In fact, according to a Freedom of Information, Devon and Cornwall Police received 55 calls since 2011 for sightings of big cats in the area.


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