Biggest Hostel for Bristol’s Homeless Youths Infested with Mice


The Foyer, considered as the biggest homeless hostel for youths located in Bristol, is infested with mice, and it’s not being addressed.

Many of the youths residing in the hostel have documented mouse sightings, varying from live pests to carcasses. The residents have aired their grievances regarding the problem to the staff but have been met with various responses. Some residents have been told off to keep their mouth shuts or have denied the existence of the problem. The infestation is causing sickness among the residents in the hostel.

The hostel which is located beside the Bristol Bridge and is managed by 1625 Independent People, a charity that helps out youth with housing problems. The charity stated that the hostel is regularly checked by pest control. Alongside, the help of the staff ensures residents to keep their space clean.

The residents have said that the problem has been already existing for months now. Some past residents who have stayed at the hostel for months and years have said that the problem has always been there.

Support workers in the hostel help the youth residing in the hostel to find long-term housing.

Remnants of mice have been seen all over different parts of the hostel — from the kitchen to skirting boards. Skeletons, mice droppings, and holes were noted by the residents. They have also stated that due to the presence of mice, it had also prevented them from using the kitchen as well.

Another resident has also aired out that bed bugs have also been another problem. Previous residents confirmed on social media about the problem of bed bugs. The staff had the same response of denying the existence of bed bugs despite residents being covered in bites.

The youth residents have to pay £900 per month with weekly maintenance charge without complete housing benefits.

1625 Independent People have stated that they are working continuously to solve the pest problem.


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