Bristol Aims to be Carbon Neutral by 2030


 Bristol city has got its sight set on bigger things as the city aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.

There had been calls for the city to declare a climate emergency to enable it address the real threat of what has been described by analysts as “abuse and irreversible changes that will wreck livelihoods”. That call gained traction on November 12 after it got cross-party support at a full council meeting.

The motion raised by Green Councillor for Clifton Down, Carla Denyer placed Bristol city on a 2030 timeline to meet what is regarded as the most ambitious climate change target of all UK core cities.

The councillor, Carla Denyer while revealing that she did not expect to get the kind of massive support she got after she put forward the motion admitted that it was a “fantastic” day for the city, adding that there was no need waiting for the international and national governments to act when we could lead the way.

The motion put forward by the councillor came as a result of a UN report released last month that said the world had 12 years left to avoid a catastrophic climate breakdown, hence the need to act before it was too late.

Bristol city has always been at the forefront of core projects and moves and while funding for these projects may be a challenge, the city has introduced levies that can be used to fund the ambitious projects.

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