Bristol and Manchester unveil fresh plans to tackle climate change


Bristol and Manchester have begun move to cutdown on their carbon emission. The city councils of both cities voted to bring down their carbon neutrals this week.

Green party councillor Carla Denye was unanimously voted by Bristol City Council members to lead the charge to make the city carbon neutral by 2030.

In a similar development, Manchester City Council’s Executive officially adopted a new target to become a ‘zero carbon’ city in the next 20 years.

Speaking about the new responsibility, Denyer said it was a fantastic day for Bristol. According to her, the development showed how well both cities are prepared to lead the response to the ever increasing climate change risks.

With the new target, the city would have to deliberate on climate change in any future policy decisions. A low carbon infrastructure would also be set up.

The Manchester City council executives supported an initiative to set-aside a carbon budget for the city. The initiative was called ‘Playing Our Full Part’. It targets to ensure that carbon emission between now and 2100 doesn’t exceed 15 million tonnes.

For the goal to be achieved, carbon emission must be reduced to 13% from 2018. That should make Manchester a zero carbon city by 2038.

The Manchester Climate Change Board is expected to develop an actionable plan by March 2019. Everything should be in gear by 2020.

Angeliki Stogia, Executive Member for the Environment, Planning and Transport welcomed the development; stating the immense health benefits it holds for the city. She, however, said everyone must play their full part for success to be achieved.





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