Bristol Passenger Ship the Balmoral Will Not Be Sailing Again in 2019, Here’s Why


A renowned Bristol Ship the MV Balmoral will not be sailing 2019. The reason is nothing other than money. Plenty of it if you like.

Owners of the ship say it’ll take a staggering £3 million to get the remarkable vessel floating passengers again.

It wasn’t until late last year that the Balmoral stopped operations after the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) flagged it for major repairs to the hull before it could be issued a passenger certificate. The ship, which normally operates between May and October was said to have failed to meet international standards.

The ship fund managers could’ve applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund for some donation, but they can’t do that now, per new rules. The only way out is to solicit for the fund from other members.

The ship fundraisers are also actively seeking for people to help with volunteer work. Roles available include, administration and fundraising.

There is, however, no guarantee of when the MV Balmoral will be back again. The problem with the ship can be traced to its last season in 2017 when it had a really poor outing. There were problems caused by weather as well as mechanical faults. At some point, the ship was forced to offload passengers headed to the Isle of Man, and issue a refund.

The two-year closure now leaves Bristol with a dry dock nowadays.

Balmoral suffered some more damages early in 2018 when a rope tangled with a propeller; The situation left the shaft badly damaged and the ship out on the dock for a couple of weeks.

A number of fundraising events have been planned to help raise money to fix the MV Balmoral. Some volunteers are even willing to personally help with the repairs and maintenance.

Volunteers who want the help the MV Balmoral sail again have been urged to visit the website to find out more information on how to do that.

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