Bristol – the top ‘kindest’ city in UK


Some cities in the UK are branded depending on their culture, environment, and tourist attractions. For example, London is marked as the Jewel in the Crown since it is the capital city of UK and the top tourist destination as well while Aberystwyth is the “Safest city to live in the UK” according to Amongst the cities in the United Kingdom, there also exists the branded ‘kindest city’ in the region.

We’re talking about no other than Bristol–a new study shows that most people living in this city are likely to support and volunteer in helping others.  This is the reason it is called the kindest city among other cities such as Leeds, Southampton, and Cardiff according to a study by charity 52 Lives and  Their study is based on the Bristolian’s act of good deeds to the community at large.

Among the good deeds, giving money to a charity holds the highest rate at 57 percent, then helping strangers at 52 percent, supporting a loved one at 49 percent and lastly keeping the place green and litter-free at 39 percent. Not all gestures are grand, like holding doors for people, offering seats on public transport, or simply giving directions to tourists are some acts done by the people each day.

Dr. Jo Gee, an expert psychiatrist and a founder of The Luna Hive explains a quote that says the kindest people are the happiest. She mentioned how the brain releases serotonin and dopamine, which are the feel-good neurotransmitters whenever people do something nice to others, making them feel not only happy but also free from anxiety and self-esteem issues. This explains how kindness and happiness co-exist in this city.

Other top-ranked cities include Leeds listed at second,  Southampton at third, then Cardiff, Coventry, Glasgow, Belfast, Nottingham, Manchester, and York, ranked accordingly.



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