Bristol to experience strong winds and heavy rain after snowfall subsided


Met Office has just warned the kingdom of upcoming heavy rainfall and strong winds after the snowy season that covered most of UK, including Bristol. 

Medium to high precipitation would be expected up to full rain pour in most areas in the region. Heavy rain showers will be expected for the whole Friday and will be followed by strong gusts of wind starting Saturday. Thursday has been quite sunny after the heavy snowfall since last week but Met Office has been warning local authorities in major swaths of UK to be alert and prepare for emergency situations that may occur because of the upcoming weather. The weather authority in the kingdom has raised a yellow weather warning in the region and will be lifted no later than Saturday when the rain showers subside. 

There would be expected delays in transport and loss in communication signals in the region due to the bad weather. Power loss would be expected in rural, and suburban areas and medium to huge waves would hit the coastal regions. The local authorities warned everyone in the region to stay safe and avoid driving long trips tonight and tomorrow. 

Emergency response groups in the area were alerted of possible flood incidents in rural and suburban areas as well as moderate to heavy traffic in uptown and downtown areas in the region. Those who would be going out this afternoon and evening were advised to bring umbrellas and rain gear to protect them from the moderate rainfall. Anyone planning to go on a trip on Friday would be advised to either postpone or cancel the trip due to heavy rainfall. Little to zero visibility would be expected on some highways in the region, and coastal roads are best avoided for a while due to strong waves. 


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