Bristol University lecturers in ‘precarious employment’ call time on hourly contracts



Bristol university lecturers are far from happy with their present working conditions which they’ve termed – precarious. Their major complaint borders on working zero-hours contract.

A ‘Anti-Casualization’ claim has been submitted by the University and College Union (UCU) to force the university to pay proper salaries.

They lecturers say the university’s hierarchy who earn fat salaries must end the trend of having lecturers teach their degrees on salaries.

According to the lecturers, some of their colleagues are payed hourly or hired on nine month contracts. They want that to stop because it’s affecting their life, and isn’t allowing them make plans for themselves or their families.

Branch secretary of the UCU Jamie Melrose, said working casual contracts has become the reality of life for many researchers and teachers in Bristol university. He revealed that more than half the University’s teaching staff were affected by the situation.

Branch president of the College Union Tracey Hooper described the phenomenon as working for free. In her opinion, staff who teach on hourly pay did lots of work unpaid.

Next week, the Union leader will dialogue with university bosses to see if an agreement can be reached.

The UCU staged a nationwide strike about pensions early this year. The lecturers received massive support for the action from both community members and students.

A Bristol University spokesperson said the university acknowledges the lecturers demands and are looking forward to meeting with UCU later this month to resolve the situation.





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