Budmouth College Now Under The Aspiration Academy Trust


Budmouth College in Weymouth has announced the turnover of the institution to one of the leading multi-academy trust in the world.

The announcement was made on the college’s website shortly after the meeting with the regional school commissioners and headteacher board last Monday. They have planned to arrange a meeting with the parents of the students, as requested by the Trust before they make the turnover on September 1st.

The Interim Executive Board chairperson, Catherine Saw, had said that the school has been visioning to continue as a local authority school and has gone forth from special measures. However, the challenges do not make this vision a possibility. She also expressed the efforts of the institution to work closely with the trust in order for the transition to become as smooth as possible.

Although the school has been assessed as one of the outstanding scholastic institutions in 2010 and 2013, the decline of the quality education the school provides was highly noted by the regional board and has placed the school into special measures.

Aspiration’s managing director, Steve Kenning, has expressed the Trust’s hope to transform the school into an institution the community would sooner be proud of. He has been pleased about the decision and believed that this institution has its potential to become one of the outstanding schools in the country, which will provide more individuals equipped to obtain their own successes in the world today. He had also expressed the Trust’s vision to develop Budworth College into an institution that will serve the community and will accept everyone regardless of life status and capabilities.

Budworth College will become the 14th institution soon to be operated by the Aspiration Academy Trust, along with thirteen other scholastic institutions in Southern England, four of which are already operating in Dorset. The institution would be working closely with Atlantic Academy Portland in order to provide an enhanced quality of education for the local youth.