Businesses in Dorset advised to grab the opportunity of Brexit


Over 130 participants joined the Business Brexit Conference on the impact of the UK’s exit from the European Union at the Hallmark Carlton Hotel in Bournemouth. Its main purpose is to urge businesses to accept the support given to them to thrive during the Brexit period. The conference was free of charge and was sponsored by the Purple HR. All participants were given a “Brexit support pack” thru email.

The Dorset Chamber together with the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, and Bournemouth University also organized a non-partisan gathering during the conference. They invited different business experts known in the region and all around the country to discuss Brexit’s economic and financial impact. The panel included Nicola Newman, the team chairman and the chief executive of Ansbury Guidance; Linda Jacques, a Lester International trade lawyer; Dr. Sangeeta Khorana, an economics professor at Bournemouth University; Kate Fretten from Frettens Solicitors; Professor Nigel Jump, an analytical economist from Bournemouth University; Matthew Elliot, the chief executive of the Vote Leave Campaign; and Simon Boyd, the managing director of REIDsteel and council member of CBI Manufacturing. Key speakers of the event were Mr. Elliot, Professor Jump, and Stuart Chapman, a member of the Government’s Business Intelligence and Readiness Directorate. Various concerns, such as VAT registrations, employment, and supply chain was raised in the event’s Q and A session.

Ian Girling, the Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s chief executive, pointed out that the conference was a good chance to discuss the issues about Brexit. Following the event, Girling said that the conference was successful and that she admired the positive attitude of Dorset business owners. She observed that the business owners were keen on taking the support offered to them to help them overcome the challenges during the Brexit.

Even after the conference, the Dorset Chamber will continue to offer seminars, trade supports, and others to support Dorset’s businesses, owners, and employees during UK’s transition with its EU exit.


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