Car Crash Victim in Dorset Dies One Month After the Incident


The crash happened on January 26 of this year, between Sherborne and Dorchester around 5:50 o’clock in the afternoon. The incident involved a van with two passengers inside. It was reported that the van, a Peugeot Boxer van in silver, left the road along Tiley Knap in Middlemarsh. One of the passengers had been trapped inside the vehicle. The incident required the service of the fire department in order to get the 37-year-old passenger out of the van. The firefighters came and were welcomed by the sight of the man trapped inside who was almost in his death bed because of the life-threatening injuries that he had obtained from the accident. The firefighters assisted the man out of the van. He had to be sent to Southampton General Hospital by air ambulance. He had been in a critical condition since he got into the hospital.

At the time of the incident, the police sergeant of the traffic unit, Police Sergeant Phil Lee stated that they were to execute a thorough investigation to find out what led the van to such accident. They also appealed to the public for witnesses of the incident or dashcam footages that were relevant to it. This was so that everyone would be enlightened with the details of the accident, including how the vehicle was being driven. The roads were also closed for the investigation. The police had also thanked the people who were patient and understanding enough to not hinder the investigation by complaining about the road closures.

The 43-year-old driver of the vehicle was arrested. He was suspected of driving offences. He had been taken to Dorset Country Hospital and was later released but under investigation.

Now, the victim of the car crash, who had been fighting for his life for a month, has sadly passed away.


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