Chance That Snow Will Fall On Low-Lying Parts Of Devon This Weekend Confirmed By MET Office

Icicles cling to the edge on Building 321 on the Fort Myer portion of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall after a winter storm Jan. 22, 2014. Icicles are only one of many potential hazards to be avoided while working in the winter weather, according to JBM-HH safety officials. (Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall PAO Photo by Rachel Larue)

According to the weather forecast issued in a yellow warning for ice, extreme cold on Wednesday night until Thursday will be felt  in Devon. Due to the decreased level of temperature, chances of falling snow in some low-lying parts of Devon will likely happen this weekend as MET office confirms the news today.

MET office also confirms cited snow in South West for this weekend in some hilly areas like Dartmoor. One spokesperson is skeptical for the chance of snow this weekend as the freezing condition could limit the chance of snow in low hills.

Freezing condition tends to increase the chance of frost and ice and lower the chance of snow since heavy downpour of rain was also recorded today. The remnants of the rain could lead to the frosting of pavements and roadways.

The MET office also informed to take precautionary measures as the freezing condition could increase the risk of slips and fall due to the overnight freezing weather. The warning from the weather office does not cover the south coast of Devon, Plymouth and Torbay.

There will be icy patches that are expected on Wednesday overnight in parts of North Ireland and South Scotland in parts of Wales and England during the early morning of Thursday. Wintry showers will also be felt mostly on high hills and mountains including the lesser chance in some lower level area over Scotland and northern, eastern and central England.

The warning comes after an icy blast from the Atlantic winter storm which deposited at least 20 inches of snow in the Midwest. The combined weather from east Siberia and Atlantic makes the weather phenomenon, “sudden stratospheric warming”.

The weather office also confirmed the dropping of temperature to 1°C this Thursday which will make the day colder because of the gusty winds.