Charity Walker Airlifted After Falling on Coast in Dorset


A freak accident was experienced by a woman who was a participant of a charity event after she accidentally falls off a coast in Dorset. The still unidentified woman who suffered from severe knee ligament damage and the effects of exposure was airlifted and extracted by the coast guard helicopter after she fell in a harsh and difficult environment.

The event was called the Jurrasic Coast 100km Challenge, and the warning was heard around 1:00 PM BST as the personnel of the charity event learned of a woman who slipped and fell in a place named Bat Head. The woman was in the company of her friends during the event in which the participants jog, run, or walk depending on their preference and starts from Poole and will finish at the West Bay. The woman suffered the freak accident near the Durdle Door as her friends immediately notify the organisers of the event.

The Coastguard Rescue team in a statement said that the ambulance rescue personnel encountered a very difficult terrain during the search and rescue operation. They were able to find the woman after they were being notified by a flashing light. The statement added the woman was found near the lowest point in the east side of the Bat Head.

This means that the extraction of the victim was very difficult as anticipated by the authorities. The woman was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital in Dorset where she received treatment from her injuries. The organisers of the charity event have already released a statement that the woman was already released from the hospital and is already resting home.

The Jurrasic Coast 100km Challenge is a charity event that will challenge all participants to the full distance of the Dorset coast, a UNESCO world heritage site. It is said that the whole event will challenge the participants in an epic adventure that will take up to 36 hours to finished.


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