Check your tickets! National Lottery Numbers now out with £3.8 million jackpot

Lotto Winner

These are the winning numbers for January 12, 2018, National Lotto draw.

The numbers are 13, 49, 55, 43, 32, and 29 with the bonus ball 26.

Gloucestershire has been getting a lot of luck with more lottery winners.  Residents from this country have been winning prizes, ranging from £30,000 up to a £61.5 million share. Last year’s winner, Amo Riselli, the taxi driver and a father to five children got lucky with £24.5 million jackpot win from the lottery draw dated December 27.

Winning the lotto jackpot is more than just paying your mortgage. This is the key to make all your dream dates, vacations, and lifestyles come to life. You can never imagine more than living like royalties, at least for a while, when you hit last night’s jackpot prize. So, you better check your tickets now and see if you have won last night’s lottery.

If you don’t get lucky this time, a millionaire will also be raffled and twenty other lotto players get the chance to win £20,000 which is still a good prize pot for everyone.

If today is not your lucky day, continue to play Lotto. You pick six number, ranging from 1-59 or you can pick a lucky dip. Tickets cost £2 per lotto play.