Citizens Raised Concerns After Zoo Animals Escaped Twice


Belfast Zoo was in the hot seat last month when a red panda was missing. The red panda was found in the driveway of a local man after several hours.

This weekend, a chimpanzee that is potentially dangerous escaped from its enclosure. This led to prompt the local councillor to raise an issue of concern. The animal escape can be a threat to the safety of the public and the animals.

Julian McGrath, a politician from the Alliance party, said that an animal that is powerful and potentially dangerous that escaped from its enclosure is alarming.

The politician also expressed her disappointment on the management of the zoo because he sent an email and called them, but they did not answer. He said that the frivolity of this matter might let the Zoo be excused of the liability.

He also took into account the incidents where three giraffes died at the zoo last year and a spider monkey was killed after it was clipped by a car.

He said that these events happening in succession in two weeks will raise a concern to the people who visit the zoo and to those who live near the zoo.

Meanwhile, in a statement issued by the Belfast Zoo spokeswoman, the chimpanzee used a broken branch to escape from its enclosure. She said that the zookeepers were there when the incident happened, and they were able to put the chimpanzee back in its enclosure.

Heather Wilson, a representative from SDLP, said that the zoo is a tourist attraction that attracts visitors to the North every year. However, questions about the improvement and safety of visitors and animals need to be addressed. She said that she is already in the process of setting up a meeting with the SDLP members to make sure that the issue is addressed.


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