Clarence House’s response to request for comment on Prince Charles and Camilla divorce rumours


The spokesperson for the Clarence House, the home of The Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales, has been prompted to give comments about the rumors on the royal pair’s divorce lawsuit.

A famous Australian magazine asserts that a royal source spilled that Prince Charles is counselling with Fiona Shackleton, a divorce lawyer, and he and the duchess will go through divorce soon. The lawyer Charles worked with for the divorce with Princess Diana way back 1996 is the same lawyer mentioned above.

Clarence House was questioned if the royal family will give their word about the divorce rumors that were first issued in New Idea Magazine. The spokesperson  tells Cornwall Live: “It is not something we would comment on.”

New Idea’s insider said that the royal couple who was wed in April 2005, barely see each other in the last months. Furthermore, Camilla was not even present at the Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s pre-Christmas lunch because she was unwell. Also, she did not go at St Mary Magdalene Church or the Christmas Day church service.

Camilla was absent in October for Princess Eugenie’s wedding because of other commitments. At that time, Camilla was in a local school harvest celebration in Balmoral according to Clarence House.

The source reported to New Idea: “While the whole world has been obsessed with Kate and Meghan’s feud and William and Harry falling out, behind palace walls there’s been a much bigger drama afoot.”

“It’s believed that Charles and Camilla are set to announce their divorce imminently.”

“They’ve already signed the papers and have barely seen each other in recent months, apart from Charles’ 70th birthday event, which the Queen made Camilla attend to avoid speculation.”

According to The magazine, in spite of the couple’s happy public appearances, the verity about the their relationship is made transparent to everyone in the royal family.

It related that the Queen has requested that the story is not disclosed until Kate and William’s quarrel with Meghan dies down.

“She just can’t handle more scandal at the moment,” the source expressed.

The royal couple were at the Ascot Races since they were seen together in November and other occasions all through December.

Prince Charles and Camilla was married on April 9, 2005 at Windsor Guildhall.